Highlighted Projects

Custom Homes in Glenwood Springs, CO area

Work with Home Owners Associations to create a unique home within subdivision guidelines. Work with home owners to feature their desires and needs. Over a dozen successful homes designed, approved and built in the area.

Custom and Tract Homes in Scottsdale, AZ area

Work with Builders as the designer for their clients. Create all working drawings and complete packages for City submittal to obtain permits. Clear and concise drawings for contractors and subs to clearly understand the work needed to be done. Hundreds of successful projects completed in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro areas

Quality Control reviews in Twin Cities, MN area

Work to ensure plans are correct and complete - saving clients time and money. See more details click the link below.

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Quality Control Projects Additional Information

Stillwater Area Public Schools Early Childhood Development Center 10.0 million

Ray Queener, Assistant Superintendent of Business & Administrative Services 651-351-8321


Stillwater Public School District has been in the design and programming phase of the new ECFC for several years. After securing a property for the new building, the SD, DD and CD phases rapidly concluded, with several changes to the architectural design in that process. The school felt the need for a 3rd Party review before the CD’s where sent out for bid and to the State of Minnesota for permitting.

PLANCENTRAL conducted a 3rd Party Review representing the owner. With a limited time frame, we were able to accomplish a 4 page report of areas and items to have the various disciplines review in addition to state review comments for the final plan submittal. WIndow flashing and installation detailing was incomplete and a necessary element in a smooth flow at time of construction. Changes were easily incorporated into the plans before confusion could occur in the field. Without delays in the field the project completed and opened on time for the 2012 school year.

Rosenbauer America Building Remodel 2.0 million

Dan Kellog, Project Manager 651-462-1000


Rosenbauer, located in Wyoming, Minnesota purchased a new building to add to their current facilities.  In the production of fire engines, various stations are needed including a weld booth, paint booths, and paint (hazardous chemical) storage.  

PLANCENTRAL was hired to co-ordinate the various equipment manufacturers drawings, MPE and create the design and structural engineering drawings for the project with autoCAD.  With our quality control review process, we found mechanical issues that could have been costly for the owners, but at the early stage, we were able to get the proper air control designed before the equipment was delivered or installed.  As the weld booth design was completed, we discovered that it was designed more than 18" taller then the ceiling height.  Although it was already under fabrication, we were able to show the owner the conflict, get some modifications made, so that costs in field modifications were minimal and anticipated, rather than an unwanted surprise and delay.

Portland II Condominiums 7.0 million

Brent Linnenkamp, Project Manger 480-244-6657


Portland II Condos fell into bankruptcy in 2004. Having purchased the property in 2009, the new owners were required to update the plans according to the 2006 IBC codes for Phoenix, Arizona. 

PLANCENTRAL (dba planMYhouse at that time) was hired for the code update review as well as some minor owner changes to the floor plans on most of the 6 units, which then required a structural engineering review. The owners decided to re-engineer the entire project, coordinated through PLANCENTRAL. PLANCENTRAL coordinated changes and redlines from disciplines and produced all drafting required to submit the plans to the City for review. when under construction, PLANCENTRAL coordinated special inspections and quality control review for the owners.

St. Anthony’s Church Recreation Hall 6.0 million

Sean P. Hogan, Project Manger 602-821-8300


St. Anthony’s Church congregation grew enough for expansion. In 2009 the church board of directors hired an architect to design a recreation center for sports, catering and other events.  

DBA Opela Worx Structural Engineers, we were hired as the Structural Engineer of record. Through the design process many changes were incorporated into the plans. At our final quality control review we discovered that the design documents reflected a 30” maximum depth in the steel trusses, when our plans clearly stated a 40” minimum to support mechanical and the roof span. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were at stake over this discrepancy.